How long is the school?

The school runs in three year cycles, modeled after Jesus’ example of discipleship. We meet one evening a week (Monday evenings in our main school) and do two twenty week semester-blocks a year (Feb-Jun & Aug-Dec). To become a student you need to commit to finishing at least one semester-block, but our goal is to fully equip you through three years of training. After finishing three years, you graduate with our Holy Fire Certificate of Biblical Studies and Practical Ministry. You also may earn unit certificates after finishing a semester-block. Some graduates also help serve, lead and teach after graduating .

When can I join?

You can join at the beginning of any semester. Our semesters usually begin at the start of February and August. Occasionally, we may take a couple of students in mid-semester.

What's the format of your Bible School evenings?

We begin our Monday evenings at 6:30pm with worship and prayer. You are also welcome to come from 5:30pm for questions, help and fellowship. From 7-8pm we begin our first teaching session. We then take a short break. Our second teaching session is from 8:30-9:30pm. We finish up our evening with seeking God and letting his Holy Spirit make real what we've just studied.

Can I visit?

Yes, you can visit to get a taste of the school. If you are thinking about doing the course, the first night of each semester is always open to you. Also, it is possible to visit at other times. If you'd like to visit on a night that is not an open night, please contact us.

What about parking in the city? Isn't it expensive?

Parking is actually inexpensive at night in Brisbane city. After 4:30pm, it ranges in price from $5-$15 for the whole evening. One of the best parking places is the King George Square Car Park on Adelaide & Albert St. It's very close to the school and only $5.

Please check out this video for directions from the King George Square Car Park.

What if I miss class?

We record all of our classes as MP3 files and our notes are often in PDF form. If you miss a class, you can catch up online. You can also review past recorded sessions and notes to help you study. However, consistent attendance is needed to get credit.

Are you accredited?

Holy Fire Ministry Training School and its associated schools have their own accreditation system based on international standards of university credit hours. We are an official nonprofit organization registered under the Australian government, but we are not an RTO and do not offer government accredited diplomas and certificates. We do this to keep your costs down and maintain a high quality of teaching. Otherwise, our time and money would be taken up with extra administration costs. We are grateful that the quality of students coming out of our school has made them very much sorted after in the church and business world. 

What does it costs?

We do our best to keep your costs to a minimum. The semester's costs can be found on our support page. You can get an 'early bird' special when you pay in full, or you can commit to a payment plan. We also try to sponsor students with genuine financial need. We see ourselves as a family helping one another, rather than as a business trying to make money. Our goal is to make disciples, not profit. 

Does the school help me get into full-time ministry?

Yes, this one of our focuses. We will help bring spiritual guidance and direction to help you fulfill your unique calling in Christ. Yet, there is no need to enter full-time ministry (ministry as your income). We recognize that there are other important calls upon our students. Some may be called into the business world, the field of education, youth work and other types of ministry besides full-time pastoring.

Have a question not answered?

Email your question to us and we will do our best to answer.