“I believe the Bible teaches that there is no higher pursuit than the disciplined study of God’s Word. This level of study requires an able teacher. What better teacher than one who has given himself to that same disciplined study? Pastor Glen is such a man – his life and ministry testifies that he himself is a ‘living epistle’ (2 Cor. 2:2-3) and ‘diligent worker’ (2 Tim. 2:16).” - Pastor Dennis Hodulick, ALCF NY www.alcf.com



“Glen Gerhauser was trained and equipped for ministry in the midst of a world-impacting revival, and the fires of that revival continue to burn in his heart. Together with his wife Anna, he has raised an uncompromising standard for holiness, truth, evangelism, and the power of the Spirit in Australia. I heartily commend his training program to anyone who is serious about making an impact for Jesus on this generation, whether by life or by death.” - Dr. Michael L. Brown, President of FIRE School of Ministry and former resident theologian of the Pensacola Revival www.askdrbrown.org


“We have had several students graduate from Holy Fire Ministry Training School over the last few years. Each of them have grown in passion for the Lord, for His Word, for His Presence and for His mission. The training they received increased their confidence and effectiveness in ministry in our local church and in ministry to our community. I am thankful to Glen for his vision to serve local churches by helping us equip our people for ministry.” - Pastor Paul Jackson - Senior Leader of Kingdom Life Centre, Author of Responding to the Supernatural Suddenlies of God www.prbc.org.au